Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My Mocktastic Chicken Salad

Mocktastic Chicken Salad

2c. Faux Chicken (broken into small chunks)*
1c. Vegan Mayo*
1c. Shredded carrots
1/2c. Chopped green onions
1/2c. Chopped celery

Mix all ingredients together and serve alone or on bread of choice with lettuce.

*I found some faux chicken at a little health food store in my city here in Korea, but it is not like the kind I am used to getting back home.  It is dehydrated and needs to be boiled before use.  I boiled it and squeezed out the excess water.  The texture was great but it tasted rather bland.  So, here is how i prepared it (I am sure you can treat any faux chicken the same but i will assume it will absorb differently so you may have to play around with the measurements).

Faux Chicken (2c.)

1 tbsp. Lemon juice
1 tbsp. Soy sauce
1/2 tsp. Cumin
1 tsp. Curry Powder
1 tsp. Dried basil
A few grinds of fresh pepper

Sprinkle lemon juice and soy sauce over faux chicken, then add the dry ingredients and mix well. Refrigerate overnight to allow the flavors to mingle.

*When I moved to Korea I quickly discovered (yet much anticipated) the lack of vegan items available, like vegan mayo.  So, I became more resourceful and decided I would make my own.  The main idea came from Postpunkkitchen but i tweaked it a little to make it yummier to my tastebuds. 

Vegan Mayo

1 1/2 c. Firm tofu (broken into chunks)
3 tbsp. Lemon juice
2 tbsp. Apple cider vinegar
1 tbsp. Spicy mustard
pinch of salt
2-3 tbsp. Sesame oil

Mix everything in your blender until smooth.  Then add the sesame oil, blend on low speed if possible and just enough so it is thoroughly mixed.  (Try not to over blend because it may get irritated with you and up chunk or chunk up). 

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