Sunday, December 28, 2008

I'm Back With a Belly Full of Food

Sorry for my much delayed absence.  I am back in Canada now and loving it, but missing Korea too.  I have so much food and backlog to post, but am still trying to catch up on everything.  I have been attending long john parties, baking my little heart out *runs and hugs oven* (Korea was ovenless) and spending time with family and friends.  It was great to be home this year for x-mas.
As for my plans now, well, that is up in the air.  I am going to float for a while and see where a breeze might take me.  I am hoping for a really cool breeze that won't smack me into things on the way, bah, we'll see.
The picture you see below is of one of my first vegan breakies since I have been home.  Kind of a tofu florentine benedict combination from v-con, sided with some home fries.  Pretty heavenly.
This is moi at the Beir Gardens in T.O. when I first got back.  My one request was Canadian beer and a vegan meal.  One of my lovely friends brought me out and my fake smile really does not express how excited I actually was.
Well, I am going to leave it at that for now.  I am going out of town for pre-new years and new years festivities.  But, I will be back soon after and I will start all of my catching up.  I am way behind on all the blogs I like to frequent.



Be safe, hug your friends, kiss an animal (human or otherwise) and I will see you in 2009. *Love Love Love*