Thursday, May 21, 2009

Limerick Me This

I was sitting at my kitchen table this evening, well a loaner kitchen table, it is acting as my kitchen table until I get my own set up in my new digs, but that is aside the point.  I was sitting there enjoying my breakfast I made for dinner.  I love dinner breakfasts or breakfast dinners.  Ahem, but yes, eating and reflecting.  Reflecting on all that I have on the go and how the pile seems to be growing rather then flowing.  It seems I have scared myself into an idle state because I am dwelling on what needs to be done rather then getting it done.  A wise owl has said to me, "just pick one thing on your list and do it, don't think about the other things."  So, here I am, taking half of the advise and posting a post I have been meaning to post for the past two months, but still dwelling in the ramblings above.  But, lets not worry about that.  We'll sweep that previous spewing of words under the carpet and continue on our merry way.

After I dwelled, I was thinking about all that is great in my life.  The wonderful people I am surrounded by, my art, my kitchen (even if it is a loaner).  And even though I have been idle and quiet on here I have still been creating.  Below are a mouthful of eats to be ogled.  But first a little limerick:

There once was a man from Nantucket
(haha, just kidding)
The real one:

I tried very hard to be veg,
I even called my vegan friend reg
but we ended up at dawn
sitting on my lawn
and nibbling on my front hedge.

That is for anyone finding it hard making the switch full time or part time.  I hope my blog will help you out and if you are reading this, check out all the other wonderful vegan blogs I have linked on the side.

Now for FOOOOOD...

Pictured above is a butternut squash soup and a black bean wrap I created inspired by a little tavern I immensely enjoy.

Madhouse Black Bean Wrap Wannabe

Roasted Vegetables (I used carrots, red onion, mushroom, garlic and red pepper)
Cooked rice
Cooked black beans
Chili Powder
Lime Juice
Guacamole (my recipe follows)
BBQ Sauce (kraft tastes just like what the restaurant uses)
Whole wheat wraps (I made my own, the recipe is found here)

All you have to do is mix you rice, black beans, cumin, chili powder and line j to taste.  Make as little or as much as you want.  I used equal parts black bean and rice, mixed with enough spice to flavour, not over power.  Lay a leaf of lettuce on the wrap followed by the bean/rice mixture, roasted veggies, guac and bbq sauce.  Fold the top and the bottom up and then roll the sides over.  Try not to over stuff because it could get messy.  When I make these or order them out, I get the guac and bbq sauce on the side and add a little to each bite.


2 Mashed large avocados
1 Finely chopped medium tomato 
1/2 Finely chopped small red onion
2-4 Minced cloves of garlic
1 Large lemon (juice only)
Salt and pepper to taste

Mix all the ingredients together and let them sit in the fridge for a few hours or over night to let the flavours jive.

Some Peanut Butter cookies I made, diabetic friendly.

I made this soup using the left over rice and beans from the wrap above.
And below is a Vegan Stawberry Cheesecake I made for my mom for her birthday.  She is a diabetic and never gets to have cheesecake anymore.  So, I found this recipe in La Dolce Vegan and substituted the sugars with mom friendly ones.  It worked out so well.  I was quite proud of my first vegan cheesecake making experience.  
Now go give your mom a hug, or a friend, or your lover, or your cat, or yourself, whomever is in hug distance.  The recipient is sure to enjoy.