Sunday, August 10, 2008

Korean Eats Continued

I love this place.  It is my second favorite eats in korea so far.  You basically make your own rice paper rolls.
You dip the rice paper in this pretty pink water.
Dress with these sauses,
and fill with these, as well as grilled mushrooms and garlic.  It comes with pork but I get mushrooms instead.  The people that own this place are the sweetest ever and try to accommodate in any way they can.  After you filled yourself on rolls they make a rice noodle soup to eat at the end.  I now keep this in mind when I go, save a little room, that way I am able to walk out rather then less gracefully roll out.
This is my favorite place in Korea, Todem Dubu, which means tofu house.  The best tofu I have ever tasted is from there.  The soup is shown above before cooking.  the tofu that is in it is plain but it is normally tri-coloured like the one below.  This soup is a bit spicy and served with a bunch or side dishes.  A few of my favorites are below.  Everytime you go you get a different assortment of sides, sometimes they are the same, but you can never know.  They do have meaty/fishy sides too, but it is the most variety I have had here aside for a buffet.
This tofu is tre yum.  Lightly fried (but no greasy) and served with some soy.
Lotus root in a sweet syrup.
These mushroom are killer.  You get them everytime.  Also, I am missing the picture of the soft tofu they bring at the very beginning.  Mmmmm served with a sort of sweet, but light soy sause.

    Last is Pat Bean Soo.  It is a traditional Korean dessert served only in the summer months.  It is normally made with shaved ice, sweet red bean, fruits, jelly and milk.  I got mine minus the jelly and subbed in soy milk for cows milk.  I had to bring my own, which is the little green carton you see.  It is nothing short of amazing.  They also put dry cereal in this variation.  Kristin got hers with green tea ice cream but admitted she liked mine more.  You can see how happy we were to be eating this, especially with the heat.


Eric said...

Great blog! Thanks for stopping by my blog (vegangrub).

I should have waited to have a look at your blog......I just got to work and all these pictures are making me hungry! Especially the Doen Jang Chigae. You've inspired me to try more Korean food. So how do you like Korea? I bet its a fun adventure.

Liz² said...

that basically looks like the best restaurant in existence. tri-coloured tofu and pink water, and so much korean awesome??? I'm booking a plane.. :D

...barbara... said...

thank you muchly....korea has been an awesome adventure and learning the food rocks....definitely try the doen jang is simple and addictive...

i think you would love're welcome anyday here :)

Eric said...

Vegan palacsinta! You are awesome for knowing what palacsinta is!

I love palacsinta! I used to love them with nutella.

I've actually made a vegan palacsinta once, but I was always really busy and unable to take pictures to share. I do plan to photograph them next time I make them....and I found a vegan nutella recipe, so I'll make that too! :)